New year 2018, a day with new aspirations ; Wishes you a Happy and Prosperous New Year 2018

Hello All,

A year on the horizon and an exuberant new year was ready to gush in into our lives. Excited to know what is on your cards???…..I would rather suggest to write the cards yourself rather than waiting for the end results.

It’s rightly said that you are the creators of your destiny. And, it’s even the same with UPSC too. It’s an examination. Many months passed by. Look on to the brighter side. 5 more months! Let’s be more specific. 5 months* 30 days * 24 hours =3600 hours. 3600 hours are with you. Don’t lose hope. Everything is in your hands. But, remember guys, in the quest for your future, please don’t miss out on your present. Your present day is the doorway to your beautiful future. So, live on the moment. Come on gals and guys

  • Streamline your energies
  • Be on your toes
  • Brush up your fundamentals
  • Start practicing answer writing with great vigor

Believe me, nothing would stop you from coming out with flying colors.  You need not take up some new resolutions, but only a change in the mind-set is what is needed. A mind-set that will not only make you realize your goal but that which has to make you a better person and in turn an empathetic bureaucrat. Don’t Ignore and always

  • Respect your elders and co human beings
  • Inculcate moral values in your attitude
  • Treat women with dignity
  • Above all believe that you are first human, then anything.
  • Stay committed and focussed.

Wish this new year make your dreams come true and change your DNA forever ( to that of a bureaucrat😉)



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