“Question 4 the day”-8th Feb 2018-(Topic: Insurgency and GoI policy towards surrendered insurgents)

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Topic: Insurgency and GoI policy towards surrendered insurgents.(GS-III)

Q: Define Insurgency?How is it different from Terrorism and Naxalism? How GoI acts towards surrendered insurgents?

Insurgency:- It is defined as an act of rebellion and armed struggle by a section of society with a view to overthrow the governor. The important factor here is that invariably, there is public support for the insurgents. The problems of Nagaland in the early fifties can be considered as a classical example of insurgency.

It is different from Terrorism and Naxalism by the following way:-

Terrorism:- Terrorism is the planned, organised and systematic use of violence as a means of coercion for political, religious or ideological purposes. This is a general term and as per the definition of terrorism, insurgency, militancy and naxalism are all different forms of terrorism.

Naxalism:- Naxalism refers to the use of violence to describe the state through communist guerrillas warfare activities. Naxalism in India is mostly based on Maoist ideologies through which they want to overthrow the government by protracted people’s war and install people’s government.

Note:- Insurgency and naxalism are different forms of terrorism but all terrorism is not insurgency or naxalism.

Policy towards surrendered insurgents:

  • The Government of India has been implementing a Scheme for Surrender-cum-
    Rehabilitation of Militants in the North-East.
  • The objective of the Scheme is to wean away the misguided youth who have strayed
    into the fold of militancy and bring them to the mainstream.
  • The Surrender Scheme has been modified to be more effective and will be effective
    from 1st April, 2018.

According to the revised scheme,
1. the surrendered will be paid monthly stipend not exceeding Rs. 6,000/- p.m.,
for a period of 36 months and
2. An immediate grant of Rs. 4 lakhs will be kept in a bank, in the name of each
surrendered as fixed deposit for a period of 3 years.


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