Projects Funded by Asian Development Bank in 2017(Snippets for Prelims) ; posts The list of projects funded by ADB bank in 2017. This info should be read in Geography angle.

  • The Bharatmala Pariyojana includes a component for developing 5300 kms of the Border and international connectivity roads to improve connectivity and trade with Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, and Myanmar.
  • ADB financed road transport projects linking Bangladesh, Bhutan, India and Nepal broadly cover Kathmandu (Nepal)-Kakarbhitta (Nepal)-Panitanki (India)-Phulbari (India)-Banglabandha (Bangladesh)- Mongla/Chittagong (Bangladesh), and Thimphu (Bhutan)- Phuentsholing (Bhutan)-Jaigaon (India)-Changrabandha (India)-Burimari (Bangladesh)- Mongla/Chittagong (Bangladesh) corridors under its South Asian Sub Regional Economic Cooperation (SASEC).
  • The corridors in Bangladesh and India link certain sections of the Asian Highway 1 and 2 to Myanmar. The country-wise details of ADB-supported road transport projects, as of December 2017, are given below.


  1. SASEC Road Connectivity Investment Program-Tranche 1 (Loan 3118 approved in 2014) covers
  2. Kakarbhitta (Nepal)-Panitanki(India)-Phulbari (India) – Banglabandha (Bangladesh).
  3. Phuentsholing (Bhutan)-Jaigaon (India)-Changrabandha (India)- Burimari (Bangladesh), including new access road toPasakha industrial estate.
  1. SASEC Road Connectivity Investment Program-Tranche 2 (for approval in 2018)  coversMechi river bridge (0.7km bridge and 0.8km approach roads) between Kakarbhitta (Nepal)-Panitanki (India).


  1. SASEC Road Connectivity (Loan 2949, approved 2012) covers 70 km Dhaka Northwest Corridor upgrading to 4 lanes (Joydevpur-Chandra-Tangail-Elenga Road)   and Benapole and Burimari.
  2. SASEC Dhaka-Northwest Corridor Road Project Phase 2 (Loan 3593 Tranche 1, approved 2017) covers 190 km improvement of Elenga-Hatiramkul-Rangpur to 4-lane highway.
  3. Subregional Transport Preparatory Facility Additional Financing (Loan 3295,  approved 2015) covers sections of Banglabandha/Bhurimari-Mongla/Chittagong and other priority international corridor segments.


SASEC Road Connectivity (Loan 3149 approved in 2014) covers (i) Pasakha Access Road; (ii) Land Customs Station; (iii) Phuentsholing Northern Bypass; and (iv) Mini-Dry Port.


  1. SASEC Road Connectivity (Loan 3012, approved 2013): Strategic Roads Improvement includes Alternate East-West Highway route, border connectivity  road and Mid-hill East-West corridors.
  2. SASEC Roads Improvement (Loan 3478, approved 2016) covers (i) Section of  East-West Highway and SAARC Corridors 4 and 7 (115km from Narayanghat- Butwal) and (ii) Bhairahawa-Lumbini-Taulihawa Road.

(d) The above projects are primarily to improve connectivity and regional cooperation among India, Bangladesh, Bhutan and Nepal and upto Myanmar and would have the potential of enhancing trade and economic cooperation between countries in South Asia and ASEAN countries.


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